Our Current Projects

Our projects engage the polyamory community and its allies, educate the public about polyamory and relationship choice, and raise funds necessary to support the important work of polyamory activists locally, nationally, and globally. Get involved today!

Activism Handbook

Issues: Awareness & Education, Community Building, Federal Advocacy, State Advocacy

We are creating a handbook for those who want to become more involved in their local community.  This handbook will be created by activists and leaders within the polyamory and allied communities. The topics that we plan to cover are:

  • How to build your local community
  • Establishing support structures locally (community discussion and identifying supportive professionals)
  • Raising awareness and being visible through meet-ups and branding
  • Opening the discussion through lectures, panels, and discussion forums
  • Interfacing with allies (LGBTIQ events, women's centers, kink groups)
  • Getting political (letters/op-eds in local newspapers and lobbying)

Ambassador's Program

Issues: Awareness & Education, Community Building

The purpose of the Ambassador's Program is to develop activists and leaders for the polyamory movement. Ambassadors are paired with projects that meet their skills and interest, which can include:

  • Being our liaisons to local polyamory groups and allied organizations
  • Partnering with other polyamory activists and researchers on their own projects
  • Representing our organization through various social media channels

Legal Vulnerability Study

Issues: Federal Advocacy, Legal, State Advocacy

The Poly Legal Vulnerability Study is a young and ongoing research effort into the legal concerns of non-monogamous individuals and families. The project is open-ended; we welcome legal researchers, lawyers, and other professionals who have in mind specific investigations they'd like to get started, or would like to collaborate on with others; and we welcome assistance from volunteers with no special training.

The following projects are currently underway:

Criminal Law Review

We are working with Jason Cherry, who has reviewed and summarized the statutory laws concerning bigamy, adultery, and fornication by state — laws of especial relevance to polyamorous people. This review tells only half the story, however. Supplementing statutory law is case law, which consists of the literature of court decisions that have interpreted these laws and set precedent. Jason is currently reviewing the case law for each statute.

Only certain decisions will bear upon the interpretation of these statutes. We are seeking volunteer research assistants to dig up cases that cite these statutes, pick out the ones that bear upon their interpretation, especially regarding marriage, and put the relevant discussion from each of these cases into a summary document for review. 

You'll need access to the LexisNexis or Westlaw database, possibly through your local or university library.

We're also seeking volunteers to help interpret cases and write up summaries. This will be a more involved and more collaborative process, and a great help to our small team! Research and writing experience would be helpful, and you'll be working directly with other researchers for consistency and support.

If you'd like to help, please contact us! Just mention how you'd like to contribute. We'll help you get started, share example summaries, and answer any questions you have along the way. Feel free to email our Volunteer Coordinator, Cory (volunteer [at sign] modernpoly [period] com), with any questions you have in the meantime.

Poly Party Weekend

Issues: Awareness & Education, Coming Out, Community Building

Poly Party Weekend is an initiative to build awareness of and raise needed funds for organizations that support the polyamory movement and community at large. Volunteers host fundraiser events for a polyamory organization that they want to support. Their event and fundraising progress are listed on the Poly Party Weekend site. Supporters can donate to these organizations through the website or by attending a fundraiser event.

Poly Party Weekend is hosted annually during the summer, typically during the first weekends of June. 

Polyamory Group Registry

Issues: Community Building

The Polyamory Group Registry is a community-collaborated directory of polyamory groups around the world, both in-person as well as online.  This website was created 2 years ago in response to a need for an extensive listing of poly groups that could be easily edited as new organizations emerged or old ones changed.  We currently list over 260 polyamory and allied organizations on our website.

Future updates to this project will include a more mobile-friendly interface, the ability to log in via. a social media account to add/update listings, and links to resources related to community building.

Printed Educational Materials

Issues: Awareness & Education

Modern Poly is in the process of developing a series of brochures and fliers that can be used by local communities at educational and outreach events. These educational materials will cover a variety of topics on polyamory and relationship choice, including:

  • Communication
  • Time Management
  • LGBT issues
  • Racial issues
  • Challenges with disability
  • Jealousy
  • Relationship dynamics in polyamorous relationships
  • Addressing concerns from family, friends, and co-workers
  • Polyamory as a lifestyle vs. an orientation
  • Polyamory for "beginners"

(If we have translators, we can create these materials in multiple languages)

If you have a subject that you would like to see us publish a brochure about, please feel free to contact us regarding your idea.

What Polyamory Looks Like

Issues: Awareness & Education, Coming Out

What Polyamory Looks Like is a community-collaborated, online documentary about polyamory and our community. This project will compliment polyamory's current media exposure by providing real-life examples of people who are involved in (or open to) multiple, simultaneous, loving relationships.

We are in the process of reviewing existing applications and hope to launch the full website soon.  Future additions to the website will include videos and frequently asked questions about polyamory.